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Trade away jones or kamara


I was offered a trade that I’m not sure if I should take but it is tempting.
Trade 1


Trade 2
A. Jones


Are any of these good trades?


I don’t like either of these for you really.


nope-i like Kamara alot


I kindof like the Trade 1, but you only win if Fuller keeps producing. Do NOT do Trade 2.


I like that you are trying to trade Hilton but you are taking a downgrade taking monty.


Agreed. Hilton is worth keeping on the bench. Kamara is an RB2. Aaron Jones looks to be the bell-cow for the Packers now that Rodgers is out.

Will Fuller, while crazy efficient, will come back to earth at some point… I think… he’s got to.

TY Montgomery is a cuff. This would be a different discussion were A-Rod healthy. But he’s not and the Pack needs a guy to run 15-20 times a game. Even when TY was healthy, they were hesitant to that with him. Most of his work came through the pass.


i Originally just tried trading for Will Fuller and I offered Mixon and Hilton but he sent me both these counters. I don’t care for TY but my other receivers are
Evans hasn’t done too much and Thomas isn’t getting anything with the Denver QB’s. Davis is a wait and see


I just picked up Shepard off waivers. Should I just play my team as is?


Yes. Your team is set at WR. What do your RBs look like?


I would say counter back to drop off a big name wr that isn’t doing much. They both don’t seem favorable though.


A. Jones

This league has a large bench


If I had to choose I would lean toward Trade 1 just because there is more of a timeshare in N.O. with Kamara and Ingram, but in Green Bay they rely almost entirely on Jones. I wouldn’t make this trade unless you are extremely desperate for a guy like Fuller.


I’m not that interested anymore with Watson out. I don’t think they will have the same production without him


I have both Kamara and Ingram and I feel comfortable starting both of them. New Orleans has the reputation of being a passing team, but those two are getting a lot of work and I think will continue to do so. I just don’t see them competing for touches like you see, for instance, between Murray and Henry in TN or what’s going on in Denver.


Don’t trade away Kamara.