Trade away Josh Jacobs?

So, I got an offer for jacobs and I don’t think im going to accept it, but I think I should get your opinion firts to avoid making a mistake! 0.5 ppr, 2-2 team.
I give:
Jacobs, Tee Higgins and Alshon Jeffery

I receive:
OBJ, David Johnson and Fournette

My team:
jacobs, mixon, bell, kelley, malcolm brown and edmonds
woods, diggs, higgins, nkeal harry and alshon jeffery

I wouldn’t do it. Your giving up too much value with not enough in return. I’m not quite buying into the OBJ resurgence just yet. Jacobs has a better floor week to week and Higgins is same production as OBJ.

Jacobs has a tough schedule coming up after KC. You have to hope he can have a big week against KC, then try to trade. Right now, you won’t get the value. I am in the same situation. I plan to move him after this week if he plays well (needs to get in the endzone).

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