Trade away julio

Give Julio
Get Fournette
full ppr
Team currently looks like

C. Wentz

M. Ingram
F. Gore
D. Murray
D. Martin

J. Nelson
J. Jones
R. Matthews
D. Parker

Z. Ertz
T. Eifert

J. Tucker


I would do it. I have Murray and Ingram on my team as well and both are making me regret drafting them as I’m now in need of a running back. With Jordy Nelson and whichever WR you would like to start as they’re both about even, you’ll be fine without Julio.

What receivers are available on the waiver wire in your league? Also, I feel like you may be able to do a bit better than fournette for julio jones, you’re talking about moving a top 3 wideout for a top 10 back, with jordy nelson being your #1 receiver after you move julio. You’re definitely going to have to have some decent receivers available on the wire if you are banking on relying on jordy. Jordy is just too risky of a top tier WR

I think you could do better than Fournette

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