Trade Away Kamara for Ekeler & Henderson

Would you trade away Kamara for Austin Ekeler & Derrell Henderson?

14TM PPR (1)Flex (2)RB (2)WR

My team:
T Sermon
T Jones

J Jefferson
A Robinson
J Jones
C Davis
M Callaway
KJ Hamler

TJ Hockenson

I would once you find out a little bit more about Hendersons injury. I know they’re optimistic he’ll come back this week but id still wanna know more before I trade Kamara away. if he’s good to go I like the trade

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Thank you. Do you see a big difference between Ekeler and Kamara?

From what Ive seen the last two weeks, (for context I set up 5 tvs and watch the 5 most relevant games to my life I focus mainly on one but I do bounce around as certain teams have the ball or what have you) watching the saints makes me worry that there is always the possibility Kamara isnt involved as much, sure it might be a small overreaction to week 2, but Jameis looked and felt like the Jameis last week and I dont see Kamara having as high as a floor as Ekeler when Jameis is being Jameis. I just think Ekeler has a higher floor in his offense even when they’re not scoring points Ekeler looked great every time he touched the ball. There’s only two weeks in the books tho and I try not to do anything too rash till at least week 4 usually week 5 when we have a decent sample size to look back on

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