Trade Away Kareem Hunt

I lost Watson and my team has been struggling. I’m 7-2 here’s the roster
QB: McCown
RB: Hunt, Freeman, Coleman, Martin, Morris
WR: Crabtree, Tate, Jordy, Shepard, Parker
TE: Clay, Davis

Do I flip Hunt? I believe I can get Wilson or Dak plus Shady McCoy. Thoughts?

Looks like Hunt has finally come down to earth. If you can flip his top 5 RB value that he still has on his name, though I dont think hes a top 5 RB anymore, Id go for it in a heart beat.

If you can flip him for Shady and one of those other QB then you absolutely do that.

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What do you think of Crabtree for Wilson and Cooper?

Standard League by the way

Absolutely. Cooper continues to get looks and he and Crabtree are probably on the same level right now (slight edge to Crabtree still). So if you can get Wilson and Cooper for Crabtree that is a steal for you.

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I agree. Crabtree is more consistent but the owner is a Raider fan who wants off of Cooper but wants Crabtree. If Cooper can return on his draft value I have a steal but it’s a toss up. Thanks

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