Trade away Keenan or Tyreek?

Is this an overreaction to a 1-3 start in my 0.5ppr, 12-team league?

RBs - Kamara, Lynch, Montgomery, Jamaal Williams, Foreman
WRs - Keenan, Tyreek, Larry Fitz, Stills, Lockett

My RB depth is garbage (R.I.P. Burkhead). In discussions to move one of Allen or Hill with Montgomery for Cooper Kupp and one of Kerryon Johnson or Royce Freeman. Would you guys make this move, even if it’s for Kupp/Freeman? I kinda doubt he’d go for Kupp/Johnson, but you never know.

I wouldn’t. Your depth sucks at both positions and you aren’t getting the return to actually make your team better.

why do anything here?.. are you in a league with like 10 flex plays? Man … Kamara / Lynch are nails, and your top two WR’s are good, not great. I too have Keenan, and i’m not ready to sell just yet. I think you should sit tight and hound the WW for a flex… Just the opinion of another frustrated Keenan owner.

Also, when foreman comes back he is likely to steal a lot of carries from lamar miller and all the sudden yoru depth is better in a week or two… this is a improve via waiver, not give away good players, situation… IMO.

Ended up rejecting Kupp/Kerryon for Tyreek. Another owner inquired about offering his Jordan Howard/Ridley for my Keenan. Howard should still be a bell cow and has a nice schedule the next 5-6 weeks. I’m not crazy about Ridley’s snaps/week. Other guy also has breida, boyd, edelman, and JuJu. Boyd has been great so far and also has a good schedule coming up, so I’m considering a counter with Howard/Boyd for Keenan. Is this still selling too low for Keenan?

Your team is good, just been running bad. Kamara/Lynch/Keenan/Hill is a great core.

But you are definitely lacking in depth.

This is close one. If it was Kupp + Michel, I would’ve pulled the trigger.

This is laughable. Don’t buy ridley right now. It’s not worth it. People are paying absurd prices chasing for TDs that already happened and will likely not continue going forward. He has an absurd 62.5% TD catch rate right now. Most elite players don’t even hit 10%. If that doesn’t scream reversion, I don’t know what will.

To low. Not sure whats going on with Howard right now. He’s just not clicking with the offense. I think it’s cause of the run blocking schemes Nagy is using.

Howard is getting touches, but looking at the KC offense and Nagy wanting to bring that to Chi, I don’t see Howard being a bell cow in Chi. I believe he gets volume, but wouldn’t be surprised if his volume continues to be middling as it has been. This offense is going to try and spread around the ball, and Howard isn’t dynamic enough to make up for loss of true bell cow volume.

Appreciate the input. I’ll probably hold for now. After this frustrating start, the tilt it strong. Having trade-averse leaguemates doesn’t help

Hear you on leagues that people treat players they draft like bad significant others they refuse to unload so they can continue to complain. :wink: