Trade away L. Jackson and N. Chubb

What do you guys think in trading away L. Jackson and N. Chubb for Brady and Zeke in a std point league?

Thought is at some point I think defenses are going to key in on Jackson. Also, in week 8 Hunt joins Chubb in the backfield. Since QB points aren’t huge disparity…I don’t mind Brady as a so called “downgrade”. Zeke is an obvious upgrade and doesn’t have a timeshare.

In addition…I am at 4-0. Other line up consist of:
RB: David Johnson
RB: Devonte Freeman
RB: C. Hyde
RB: R. Penny
WR: M. Evans
WR: T. Boyd
WR: C. Ridley
WR: P. Dorsett

Thoughts and comments appreciated…Bolt UP!