Trade away Lamar J and Juju?

12 team ppr.

Was offered A. Cooper and goff
For juju and lamar j
Cooper owner also has Hopkins was gonna try for him instead of cooper


Probably won’t get Hopkins but it’s worth a try. Idk where to stand on JuJu. He’s a great receiver but he isn’t getting looks down the field. Rudolph seems like he won’t be good for him but he was 24 of 28 Monday night so that looks encouraging. But in your case I would ask for more with Lamar. Who else do you have at QB?

Thats it just running with Lamar. My other Wr are Sammy W, D jack, mecole hardman and robby anderson

I would try for a little more with Lamar but yeah WR help would be nice

Little more as is switching cooper for d hop? I didnt realy want to consider cooper i had him a while back when it was 40 or 0 and have been down on him since