Trade away Leveon and Cooks for Antonio and Kareem?

This would be a wild one, I know. Currently have
QB: Brady, Tyrod Taylor
WR: Cooks, Funchess, Thielen, Alshon, Shepard
RB: Leveon, Zeke, Kamara, K Drake.

Basically consider myself as having three RB1s and a bunch of WR2s. Flipping Leveon for Kareem on the cheap, while upgrading Cooks to Antonio seems like a good trade to me… thoughts? Just scary cuz it’s a lot of big names in there.

The other team does have Fournette as well, not sure if he’ll go for it but thoughts on Fournette instead of Kareem?

I would not give up Bell - just too valuable and as the cold winter weather approaches, Pitt will lean even heavier on the run. Plus if Zeke gets suspended you will need Bell. Offer him Kamara instead of Bell - Leveon has too much of a track record to lose whereas Kamara is hot now but we have no history to judge him on.