Trade away M Gordon and Enunwa for Zeke and Edelman or Diggs?

It’s a full point ppr so i imagine Gordon will finish ahead of Zeke end of year, does the point difference between the wrs make it worth it?

Edelman = hard pass

Diggs + Zeke is much more interesting. Fact is, Zeke is actually becoming much more involved in the pass game by necessity. And you see them dialing up plays for him downfield which has never been seen before. RIght now, Zeke is the best receiving weapon on that team for what it’s worth. Now the gap between him and Gordon in terms of targets is still pretty wide, but I think Diggs more than makes up for that. Diggs is a WR1

So you’re getting a top 10 WR in Diggs + top 5 RB in zeke, for another top 5 RB in Gordon.

I would definitely take this deal with Diggs. Not edelman though.

Thanks for the advice just sent the trade out with diggs.

Good luck man.

Out of curiosity, why are you down on Edelman?
Are you only saying hard pass for this trade, or hard pass for his ROS outlook?

Personally not a hard pass for Edelman ROS but in this trade, definitely a hard pass when its Diggs or Edelman. The gap is pretty wide between those two.