Trade away Mark Ingram for Zac Ertz

So I just made this trade in 1/2 pt PPR. My other TE was Trey Booboo. I thought it was good since I have DJ, McCaffery, Jones, Cohen & Fournette too. I couldn’t see when I’d ever start and gamble with Ingram over the others.

ingram is a dumpster fire and I have no confidence playing him at all. Good trade imo

The Ertz owner was the owner of Ingram & Kamari last season plus he just picked up OJ off waivers a couple weeks ago. I would’ve settled for Ertz or Oj but I took a stab at Ertz hoping he’d have visions of last season with Ingram…to me it worked!

I was an Ingram owner last year and felt he was TD dependent. That is much more magnified this year with Kamara being a true workhorse. Definitely wouldn’t be banking on Ingram as an RB2

ingram was great last year. he had a bigger role but the coaches just dont seem to use him anymore