Trade away mccoy for alfred and demarco?

I have devonte freeman and mccoy (forte on my bench). I have diggs, hogan, funchess, and corey davis - flexing 3 out of 4, so only starting two rbs, no real depth.
do I trade Mccoy away for afred and demarco?

Do not do that lol. McCoy has one of the easiest remaining schedules. DeMarco had a good game last week but I don’t see that continuing and Alfred isn’t going to put up stud RB1 numbers in my opinion. Think you have to hold on to Shady. You will have to pick up another RB most likely because Freeman probably isn’t going to play this week and Forte is questionable too.

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Completely agree with @ncolie95

No don’t do that.

thanks for the replies! Ya I’m at the top of the league and flexing a rb this week, i was mostly thinking about the playoffs, which looks promising for shady. only worried about the rookie QB in Buffalo