Trade Away Montgomery and Andrews for Saquon?

I just got offered Saquon Barkley and Delanie Walker for Mark Andrews and David Montgomery.

With the latest news of Saquon not needing surgery I feel optimistic he can return in 6 weeks.

My other RBs are Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette, Austin Ekeler, and Carlos Hyde. My other TE is Will Dissley.

The other owner has Alexander Mattison so I would try to include him in the trade.

Should I pull the trigger?

Please help!

I personally would take that.

Even with the news of Melvin coming back?

Fournette and Dalvin have later in the year byes so I feel you’d be okay for now. Take advantage of Ekeler this week and then he can be a good filler for maybe Fournettes bye week. Plus when it comes to it you’ll be rolling with Barkley, Cook, and Fournette.

I have Lamar at QB on my team so having that combo of him and Mark Andrews has been awesome. What do you see Mark Andrews being going forward? Top 5?

Definitely a possibility but Walker and Dissley are possible top 10 guys themselves.

I’m 80% sure I’m going to do it but this one will hurt since I’m a Bears fan :sweat_smile: