Trade away Montgomery + Watkins

Looking at trading away Montgomery + Watkins for Coleman + Woods, half-ppr.


Do you need both a RB and WR in return? I don’t see this as barely an upgrade at both positions which is also why I don’t think anybody would accept that. I’d offer both Mont and Watkins for just one guy in return and upgrade whatever position you need an upgrade at more.

I have Tyreek, so looking to swap out Watkins.
Montgomery on bye, so could use the active RB in Coleman to help win this week

I mean that’s all fine, but I’d still rather swap both out for a bigger upgrade at just one position than swap both for basically a lateral in return except for gaining an extra week with Coleman past BYE. I think it’s still a fine trade and would do it, but it’s just not my style of trading.

Yeah… not the best year and not a lot of depth at either position. 1-4 and trying to manufacture wins at this point.

Studs get you wins. Trade both for a Thielen tier player.

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