Trade Away Ronald Jones and Calvin Ridley for Adam Thielen?

1/2 PPR

I currently have McCaffrey, Devonta Freeman, Sony Michele and Damien Williams as my RBs.

I have Josh Gordon, Robert Woods, Michael Gallup, John Brown and Diontae Johnson as my WRs.

I would get Adam Thielen

I would not. Sounds like you have a serious contender. That depth is going to be needed in the playoffs. From what I recall, Thielen has put up some duds late in the season, mainly because he starts wearing down. I would keep that depth unless you need wins now. Looking at all their schedules though, Theilen has an easier road for a little while then it tightens up.

I wouldnt do it. Thelien was great last year and the person trying to trade you him is banking on you seeing that. Cousins doesnt look good this year and it doesnt look like anyone will get consistent numbers from Diggs or Theilen. Jones seems to be the main back in Tampa and Ridley is on an offense that will be playing catch up alot.