Trade away Ronald Jones for Duke Johnson?

I picked up Ronald Jones off the wire Last week, the Duke Johnson owner offered to trade me Duke for RJ. Should I hold on to RJ or exchange them for Duke Johnson?

PPR? I think R.Jones holds more upside. I don’t see how this trade would help your team since its a RB for RB. Jones can and should take over as RB1, Duke will never be the main RB.

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Yes It’s full point PPR

curious on your thoughts of why you would accept this trade? there must be a reason why your considering this trade.

Honestly I don’t think I would ever start RJ. I don’t like trying to figure out Tampa’s backfield but at the same time I guess that’s the same thing in Houston. I am leaning to not make the trade bc their is more upside with RJ. Plus if they offered a trade it’s bc they agree as well lol

I would keep RJ.
Johnson hasn’t done much and it does look like RJ is taking over the RB1 job in Tampa, in a Arians offense that could make him a RB2 in a couple of weeks.
Even if you don’t play him it never hurts to have RB depth and if he does reach his potential he will have more trade value than he does now if you do decide to trade him.