Trade Away Sony For DFreeman & Hollywood?

My RBS: Chubb, Saquon, Sony, Singletary, Sanders

I am trying to pair Hollywood with Lamar at QB & would Receive DFreeman along with Hollywood if I gave away Sony.

What would you do ? Sony does make me nervous with how TD dependent he can be, but I sure do like him being on that offense thatll be up alottttt this year.

From your RBs, assuming you can only start 2-4 each week depending on flex positions, you have no need for Sony or Freeman. I think both are your current 3rd option and will be your 4th once Sanders blows up. So, yes, I’d make the trade

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I have pretty solid depth at WR too, so my only worry is that I’d regret giving away Sony. What is your opinion in freeman? Think it’ll get better for him in ATL ?

I think that he can only go up. He’s played against two top rush defenses and the OL in ATL looks awful. When Freeman actually gets space, he looks as electric as always. But, with the struggling OL, I think his upside is capped. I think he will be no better than a RB2 all year with some dud weeks against good defenses. I see him as a weekly flex or matchup dependent RB2

Based on your roster, I would make this trade.

Patriots RB’s are flukier, and I think Freeman will get better (barring injury) since hes the one getting paid.

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