Trade away thielen for cook and another player?

So in a 10 team standard league, an owner is in need of WR and wants my thielen or michael thomas
He’s offering me 2 of the following players:
Cook, lindsay, carson, baldwin, golladay or desean jackson(he also has gurley, chubb and michel on the team but didnt say anything about trading them)
He would rather give me RB + WR, but i think i can pressure him into giving me 2 rbs.

Ive done some trades and my team right now looks like this:
Howard, mixon, royce freeman, lev bell and ito
Michael Thomas, Thielen, Sanders, TY Hilton
Jax d/st

I say nah. Quantity < Quality. Two lessers do not equal a single superior. Theilen is a top 5 WR and demands a very heavy price.

Thanks for the input. So, if you were to trade Thielen or MT, what would you ask for? His team:
Gurley, chubb, michel, lindsay, d cook, c carson
Davante adams, kenny g, baldwin, d jax
Doyle, jared cook
Vikings d/st

Why do you feel the need to trade away either player?
If you can get Gurley, I’d do that but no way he’s going to trade Gurley.

Adams and Chubb or Lindsay. That’s the kind of price tag on Theilen. He may not sell for that but if he doesn’t, you still win.


My rbs are scaring me for ros… mixon is the only one i can really trust. Bell might not comeback as the clear cut n1, freeman is banged up and i dont trust howard going foward. That would be my reason to trade a WR for an RB right now

I will pitch it to him and see what he says. Thanks man

Package together Theilen and Howard for Gurley. If you can be the one packaging two lessers for one superior, I always encourage that.


Thielen and mixon for gurley is a fair trade?

What will your entire team look like with that trade?

I think this is but idk if I would do it.

Gurley, bell, howard, royce, ito and id pick up mike davis
MT, Sanders, TY

That’s a big trade man. I’m almost reluctant to advise you on it. You’re team looks pretty solid if you make it but i couldn’t blame you if you don’t. Mike Davis makes the trade feel better to me. Go with your gut.

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I have no ideia if im taking it haha
The thing is, im 5-4 and the 4th(the last playoff spot) is 6-3.
I believe gurley can win me games more than mixon, but thielen will probably continue to be one of the best WRs in the league, i dont know if sanders can be trusted as an every week starter because of his team. The broncos right now are a huge mess, i predict them winning no more the 4 games after this weeks bye

Im really on the fence about this trade lol

Hey I have a thread up on this trade so let’s get some feedback there before you decide.

OK in case you haven’t noticed, we have quite a bit of feedback in another thread and the consensus is, since you have MT, it is a trade everyone who has opined would take.

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I was just looking at that thread right now. Im doing the trade then lol
Thanks for the help my man, if gurley gives me this title, im coming back to this post to thank you haha