Trade away Thielen for Kupp?

Was thinking of offering the Kupp owner Adam Thielen. It’s .5PPR. Here’s my other RB’WR’s

Dalvin Cook
Najee Harris

Amari Cooper
Kenny G
Will Fuller
Curtis Samuel (IR)

My only thoughts is I’m not to keen on having Cook + Thielen on the same squad.

Yes I’d prefer kupp

Agreed, Kupp over Thielen. And, I also hate having 2 starters from the same team even though I’ve read that, statistically, it doesn’t make a difference.

Why would you want to take a WR downgrade from a top 10 guy to a top 25 guy?

I’m sure he’ll be thrilled, though.

What if I tried to trade Thielen for Godwin instead?

Probly a better target, but also less likely to be successful.

My thoughts were he also had Mike Evans, don’t think I’d want both WRs from 1 team personally. That’s the reason I don’t want Cook + Thielen, but maybe that’s just me.

After seeing how Rams used Kupp with Stafford under center I think I’d rather have Rams offense and Kupp.

Vikings defense still looks bad so there will probably be a lot of games Vikings had to throw heavy to stay in it but not sure I want two predominant players from one team unless its a QB-receiver stack of some kind. If the Vikes have a horrible game then you are almost certainly going to drop that week.

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I would personally rather have Kupp. But I do think Thielen has been and still is undervalued. I know TDs are hard to predict but his usage in red zone is outrageous. I also think if he is used as the team WR2 he will generally have matchups he can be successful in. Jefferson is a stud but I expect a slight regression with teams having had camp and pre season meaning that defenses might be a little bit more settled. I expect most offensive players to be slightly down on 2020 per game

I’m on the Kupp side as well. The question is whether the other owner is going to want that trade.

I think Kupp benefits more than anyone from Stafford being in LA and finishes the season as a top-8 WR with top-5 upside.

I dig Thielen, but would take the deal.

I would prefer Kupp over the season

Kupp owner bailed. Said he had Thielen in another league. Now I’m debating Godwin Evans owner

You seem awfully anxious to rid yourself of that fantasy millstone (who also happens to be a perennial top 10 WR)–allergic to success?

I just Thielen is due for some regression. Successful trade for Godwin though!

Well, that’s a pretty easy call after a 30 point fantasy game.

But what do you think has changed about his situation from when he was a top 10 WR last year?