Trade away Thielen?

Full PPR. I was offered Woods and DJ for Thielen and McCoy. Really considering taking this trade considering DJs schedule and Thielen’s less stellar schedule and the return of Dalvin Cook.

My Roster:
RB- McCaffery, McCoy, Richard, Royce Freeman
WR- Thielen, Robinson, Sutton, Gordon, MVS

I would. Woods has been super consistent, and will get even more targets with Kupp out. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was top 8-10 WR for the rest of the season. Plus, I think DJ is a massive upgrade over McCoy.

Yeah, at this point in the season i think its a good deal, I don’t love giving Thielen up but you are getting a slight downgrade in WR and major upgrade in RB which is always the way to go.

Looking at your team makes me feel even better. I’d rather have for sure starts in CMC and DJ and then between your WRs you can find someone to flex. I dont reall car for Richard or Royce so it would be nice to have them as flex options only if you needed them instead of possible RB2