Trade away Thielen

Standard scoring. Would you give up Howard and Thielen for Woods and Dalvin?

No. If I’m trading the number 1 fantasy WR I’m getting more back than a busted Cook and a WR2

No, no and no!

Why would you consider giving up THE top WR for an injured RB and a WR1/2 who’s sharing targets

I’m panicking! my back Rbs are howard, conner, and A Jones. Still waiting on jones. Backup WRs are marvin, Watkins, Cole, and Keke.

Would you offer Thielen/Howard for Antonio/Cook?

I own both Howard and cook in a league… lets just say I’ve been very disappointed. I wouldn’t do either of those trades. Keep Thielan

I offered the Thielan owner AB straight up and he declined without hesitation

It’s so crazy that’s the point we’re at. As a vikings fan i’m LOVING what i’m seeing in the passing game. Brings me back to 98’.

No I wouldn’t. I really like Woods, but that’d be a downgrade at WR. Thielen has been a top 2-3 guy this season (arguably #1 but I’ll take Michael Thomas). Although Howard has not looked great this season, Dalvin has looked worse. It’s a downgrade for you in my opinion.

How has Dalvin looked worse? Have you seen the film? He’s barely played and when he was, he was leading the league in broken tackles. He’s great when healthy

There’s no arguing that he’s great when healthy. Of course he is, but if you’re going to say that Cook’s looked great so far this season I won’t buy that.
His best game this season was against the Packers and that was on the back of two 24 yard receptions. He had a couple of 7 yard runs and a 9 yard run, but other than that he was held in check on the ground. Against the 49ers in week 1 he had one run for 15 yards and was stuffed the rest of the day. If you’re playing ppr he didn’t kill you since he had 6 receptions & two of them went for over 10 yards. And in the Rams game half of his touches were either stuffed in the backfield or went for no gain. I’m willing to toss that game out since he was coming off the injury and it was a short week Thursday night game.
But I mean hey, if you get points for broken tackles then I wouldn’t be worried.

I’d give up howard and a flex guy for Cook right now. At least i know Cook will actually get the opportunities.

That’s a fair argument, nobody knows what’s going on with Howard’s volume right now.
I definitely don’t consider Thielen a flex guy though, he’s an every week start.

You’re not following. Thielen in THE #1 WR. By flex i meant like Keelan Cole or something.

Would you trade Marvin Jones and a 6th for Landry and a 10th?