Trade Away Tyler Lockett?

In half point PPR should I give Tyler Locket to get Amari Cooper or Cooper Kupp or just keep Lockett?

Hmm…Lockett could still have those games when he doesn’t do much. Stafford to Kupp connection looked so strong. I might be itching to get in on that.

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Lockett is awesome, I’ve got him on a couple teams and am happy about it. That being said I think both of those other guys might be an upgrade :grimacing:

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I would say they are all similar but Lockett is in a run first offense and is not the WR1. Kupp is probably closer to being a WR1 and seems to have a good rapport with Stafford. Cooper is solid but is on a team with a lot of weapons. I would lean towards Kupp as well.


Thanks for the help!

I’m leaning that way as well.

Thanks for the help. I think I am going to take the Lockett for Kupp offer.

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I agree with the kupp lockett trade, I have kupp and lockett and im trying to trade lockett and melvin gordon for zeke right now. So trade away my friend

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I’d take Amari Cooper, since he will be the more productive WR in fantasy this season.

Thanks, only thing that worries me is Cooper can be a little injury prone.

what do you think of lockette for Godwin?

as an owner of both I wouldnt take it, but if you can get it I’d send it I feel. I trust godwin a little more

I’m a Lockett fan, but I’d probably have him ranked third behind Amari and Kupp out of those options.

That being said, I don’t know that I’d pay much for the upgrade.