Trade Away Woods, White and Engram for RoJo and JuJu?

Give: Robert Woods, James White, Evan Engram, Rob Tonyan

Receive: RoJo, JuJu

Half PPR

My Team:

RB: Taylor, Gibson, Mostert, White, Edmonds

WR: ARob, Golladay, Woods

TE: Fant, Engram, Tonyan

I have three TE because of the constant injuries I have at the position. I’m trading with the Ertz owner who needs a TE badly

I’d remove 1 TE or if you need give up both then get a better WR than JuJu. Or ask for another piece

Would asking for Ruggs as well be too much?

I don’t think it’s too much if you add Ruggs to the current trade proposal. But is the better WR available than Ruggs?

With how juju has been playing he’s almost droppable so it would be what do you give up for rojo. I would play off the you need this trade I don’t so what does he want to give up for a TE

His WRs are Godwin, JuJu, Shenault, Ruggs and Renfrow. I’ll try to remove a TE from the deal and give just Woods, White and Engram for Rojo and juju

I’d ask to swap out Godwin for JuJu. That feels a little better to me. Not crazy that your giving up so many pieces, Godwin is an upgrade over JuJu.