Trade away Z.Ertz + A.Mattison for Mark Andrews?

Should I trade away Z.Ertz + A.Mattison for Mark Andrews? SuperFlex, 1/2 PPR, 10 teams, 4 keepers. The Mark Andrews owner has D.Cook

Whats your RB situation?

My RBs are:


Goodbye Ertz Mattison!

Well let’s see- you have Mike Davis for another 2 weeks. Sanders will be your locked in RB until god forbid he gets hurt. Drake/Edmonds- you got that backfield. Jackson is the lead back, for now and hoping for rest of season until Ekeler comes back and maybe Akers takes over.
Dallas Goeder I think is 2 weeks from coming back and you’re basically giving up a 2 week RB(with high value I know) for a top 3 TE.

I like it! Way to grab the best back up RBs!

Yea your RB situation sucks but mattiaon is really only playable for a week probably