Trade away Zeke for OBJ

Current backs are Zeke, Conner, Chubb, Howard, and A Jones. WRs are Thielen, Watkins, Landry, and Sutton. It’s standard scoring. Would you entertain the idea of trading away zeke for OBJ coming off the bye?

Or Hopkins is an option, too.

Do it. Connor Chubb Howard and Jones should be good enough. Other than Thielen your WRs are all risk reward.

Yeah that’s my thought. OBJ ROS schedule is so juicy too. OBJ or Nuke given the choice?

OBJ is my favorite out of everyone closing the season. He has an unreal schedule and dude is a target machine playmaker.

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How does everyone else feel about this? Or should i shoot for Antonio?

I’m not as high on OBJ as some, the Giants O-Line has not protected Eli at all and I think that that problem isn’t going away in the 2nd half of the season. Yes, OBJ is awesome and will see a ton of targets, but bad O-lines that can’t pass protect really hurt fantasy QBs and WRs, in some cases literally. The Giants schedule being positive doesn’t matter as much when the O-line is so bad.

OBJ is great, but I would go with Hopkins or Brown myself

I’ve traded for OBJ during his bye, with that said given the choice Id pick Hopkins. Both awesome so no wrong answer imo

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Hopkins owner has now declined to trade any players. His season is over and wants picks instead.

What about Zeke for Keenan and Kittle?

I’m getting Hopkins for my 1st round pick next year (technically 2nd rounder). Thoughts on trading away Zeke for Kelce and a 3rd? (or Kennan, or Julio)?