Trade Back Scenario

Hey there footclan. I had just completed a trade where I had acquired Kelce, Justin Jefferson, and D-Hop and traded away Tyreek and Patterson.

The owner of the newly acquired Tyreek and Patterson says that he wants Jefferson back and that he will give me Tyreek back.

Question is, should I do the trade straight up, or should I ask for more and then give more pieces?

Thank you footclan!
Also, I can upload the info of our teams if that will help people get a better idea

Bump for responses please!

It could go either way but I would take Tyreek. You basically would’ve traded Patterson for Kelce and Hopkins, which is just absurd.


@hwilsonman Yeah, I can’t believe I got that deal done tbh. I’m trying to get more, but he’s not budging

If its casual league I’d just be a sport and trade back one for one.

If its higher stakes get as much as you can.

I don’t give trades much oversight in our league, basically the two rules I have are no mass roster drops (because if you quit then someone will take over for you) and no trade backsies, especially when you try to do it back and forth to avoid byes.

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Why did the player decide they wanted Jefferson back? I’d just keep what you got, not sure you could get more. The initial trade was insane to begin with, kuddos to you.

@samuel3115 yeah, I can’t believe I got the haul I did. Made use of patterson’s rise and got a good deal out of it. He wants Jefferson back because he likes Jefferson and didn’t necessarily want to trade him, but he said he wants to keep Tyreek for a week because of his matchup against another league mate