Trade Bald win for Mark Ingram?

Was offer Mark Ingram for Doug Baldwin, and im thinking this is a no brainer. I trade a WR who is out until at least week 4 and may not be healthy all year for an RB that is guaranteed to come back healthy in week 5. My other running backs are DJ, Hunt, Rex, Kerryon, rashaad penny, and sony. other WRs ar keenan allen, devante adams, corey davies and quincy enunwa.

am I missing something or is this trade great for me?

Do it I’m fishing for Ingram myself

I think it’s close and not a no brainer, but I also would do the deal. I love Baldwin, but you have good depth at WR and your RB are not great right now. This is all assuming that Ingram gets his role from last year back, which idk is a lock, even though it should be.

100% do it. You already have SOlid WRs and Baldwin and the whole Seattle offense is shot this year. You also could use the RB depth

Full ppr, would you offer Michel/Powell and Locket to the ingram owner? They already have kamara and ingram and Riddick are his only other RBs. I also need RB help as i am the Bell/McKinnon owner

If you could get away with Powell and Lockett I would for sure. Ingram is a huge step up from Powell.

What about Powell and Kupp/Ekeler?

I really like Kupp and Eklar is already getting some work, but I personally would hold onto him a the cuff. I would go Powell and Lockett. I have Lockett and like him, but that Seattle offense is scaring me right now. I’m shopping Wilson right now for sure.

Yeah i just dropped Locket for Ekeler. Trying to get a 2 for 1 done because i still need to pick up a kicker.

I mean I would trade him then. Kupp is a keep for sure I think

RB’s are Gio, Lewis, Powell, Ajayi, Bell, Michel, and Ekeler.

WR’s are Keenan, Landry, Tate, and Kupp.

QB’s are Rivers and Fitzmagic.

Still will need to drop 1 for a kicker.
Start 2 Rb, 2 WR, 1 Flex

NM. I would trade Ajayi ASAP if it were my team. His usage is bad, his knees are worse, and he is coming off of 2 games saved by TDs. I personally don’t think his value will be any higher

Which back would you package with Ajayi to get possible Thompson, Howard, Mixon, ingram, the Freemans, Drake, Lindsay?

I would personally ship off Lindsay as you have no clue what will happen in that backfield.

I don’t have LIndsay, possible trade targets.

gotcha, I wouldn’t trade for him personally