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Trade Baldwin and ertz for McCoy?


I have Hyde and Martin at RB
I have green Baldwin and Crabtree at WR
I have ertz at TE and I just picked up clay

I have been offered McCoy and witten for baldwin and ertz.

I am a 7-2 team and I am not necessarily looking to make any moves. But what do you guys think about this trade?


Any thoughts Footclan?? I’m leaning towards just standing pat


I would prefer to stand pat in your situation. I just picked up Clay, but he’s no Ertz and I expect Baldwin to have a great second half of the season. McCoy is a serious injury risk, at least IMO, and that is compounded by his usage with the Bills.

I will say however, he does (McCoy) have a great schedule coming up


hell no. Baldwin is a top 5 WR rest of the season in my opinion and Ertz is a top 3 TE (healthy). Tell him to take a hike


What do you guys think if I counter with Baldwin and clay for McCoy?