Trade Baldwin for Howard?

After the news I’ve been thinking of trading Baldwin…

Imy current RBs are - Melvin Gordon, Marshawn Lynch and Clemente

Wide Receivers are - baldwin, cooper, Michael Thomas, Keelan Cole, Michael gallop. Mike Williams

I need some RB depth anyways so I think I’m going to pull the trigger. Any thoughts?

I would do that

I may have to add a little something on top. I’m thinking Baldwin and Gallop for Howard.

I offered Baldwin for Howard myself, offering Gallup would probably put it over the top but I would still be willing

I like this move for you. especially if its a standard league. It all comes down to you believin in Amari Cooper. because as of now i feel you are too dependent on the Raiders offense with Lynch and Coop. Howard should perform even if the bears dont live up to expectations. the raiders? idk. But adding Howard allows you to play beastmode in the flex and have a solid backup if howard or melvin goes down. id pull that trigger son.


Here’s the deal should I pull the trigger

Doug Baldwin
Aaron jones
John Ross


John brown
Doug Martin