Trade: Baldwin for McKinnon

Which one would you want? Jerick McKinnon or Doug Baldwin straightup?

I am not a big baldwin fan and think Mckinnon will be fine even in a committee. So I would.
I thinking of putting together a deal involving Coleman in my own league so I would be interested to see how people view the SF backfield

Just stop with Mckinnon. I wouldn’t be shocked if he doesn’t even make the roster this year. You think them signing mostert and coleman is a sign of confidence in their belief in Mckinnon? Not to mention Breida is there. Mckinnon might not even by the 2nd best running back on roster. When are people going to wake up and just realize McKinnon is not a good RB. In all of his years in the NFL when given the chance, he has not once stepped up and separated himself from below-average competition. If you can get any value for McKinnon, take it.

im assuming this is dynasty? this is tough, and also a little team dependent. mckinnon is hard to gauge on value. with very little to go off of because of his injury, and the insurance that they have done to make sure they have an RB this year… youre almost ALMOST banking on him getting traded to another team. him or breida. ideally he would stay. but what makes this hard is figuring out baldwins value as well. older, injured, and a running scheme team. im not really sold on him either. im going to assume its dynasty, so i would roll the dice on mckinnon. its no sure fire bet, but he has every chance to be their RB1, on a shannahan O. this is also depending on if i need a WR or an RB more. but you said straight up so ill keep it just mckinnon, but with some nervousness.

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I agree with @BusterD on this. I am a McKinnon owner, and might be with him for this season. Between the two, I like McKinnon but it is not a slam dunk. While many have a crowded backfield approach, at this point I think they are all equal. The Coleman signing was not great, but it could be their ties to ATL and knowing what he is getting in an RB. But I feel that whole RBBC is yet to be determined. It is by no means a landslide, but I like an RB in the SF system. Just my two cents.