Trade Barkley for Carson, Fournette, or Jacobs

I have started out 0-3 and now Saquan is out for a while. My running backs without saquan are Freeman, Sanders, and Mostert. I obviously need to move him to stay competitive and who would you prefer out of those three?

As a Fournette owner I’d like to say him but I think you go with Carson so long as dude stops fumbling. He’s on thin ice but at this point he is still the guy in Seattle.

That is where I am as well, I know Carson could be more valuable but he could also be useless if he fumbles again and gets benched whereas Fournette is 100% the guy in Jax and has been ok so far even with no touchdowns

Fair enough. I am intrigued to see how Fournette does this next game. Minshew proved that he is capable of putting together a passing attack so hopefully this means teams will stop stacking the box and give Fournette a little room