Trade Barkley for Mahomes?

I’ve been offered Mahomes/Waller for Barkely/Diontae Johnson. I have RBs Taylor, Carson, Ronald Jones, Hines. No t sure how I ended up drafting both Indy RBs. Guess that’s what happens when you’re running 2 drafts at once,

who is your other qb?

Mathew Stafford

what about TE?

Hayden Hurst, not sure how he’s going to work out. Also, don’t really need Johnson. I’m in pretty good shape WR.

Its pretty soild trade, it does make you better. I would try to give someone other than barkley if possible.

Agree, it’s a fair trade. Thinking possibly about offering Taylor instead.

damn hopefully you did the trade after the barkley news…