Trade Barkley for MT?

Send Barkley straight up for MT?

Current roster:

Hunt, Barkley, DCook, Chubb, AJones, KJ
Juju, Diggs, Boyd, Hilton, MVS

A few considerations:

-playoff schedules
-we have the option to activate 4 WRs and only 1 RB in our league
-full ppr
-concerns w Saints clinching early
-+10 for 100+ receiving or rushing

Concerned to ship a top end RB but have been feeling like my squad is an elite WR away from being complete. Appreciate any thoughts.

Absolutely, your deep enough at running back to survive it, and your team would be looking great.

I countered him with Barkley + Juju for MT + Zeke. Afraid to give up a RB1 for MT not knowing the effect of Dez.

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I like the counter much better, 1 for 1 RB and WR trades of the same tier usually go in favor of the team getting the RB. I’m glad you’re making sure you get another RB1 in return.

My precise reasoning.

Yeah, the counter would be better here. I like that trade for your team if you can pull it off.

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