Trade Barkley or Sit TIght

Hi All,

Wondering yall’s stance on Barkley. Surviving fine without him, will likely thrive with him, but wondering if i should capitalize to upgrade elsewhere.

Full point PPR, 12 Team, Current Record: 3-2 (4th place)

QB: Watson
RB: Barkley, Jones, Carson, Penny, Prosise, Mostert
WR: Woods, Hollywood, DJ Moore, Kirk, Allison, Amendola
TE: Waller, Herndon.

I don’t have a particular trade in mind, but would likely gun for a WR1 + a depth piece. If Barkley comes back healthy then i’ll ride Barkley and Jones with Carson permanently in the Flex spot, just have to juggle WR’s ROS.

bumping to the top

Was approached by an owner looking to get Barkley. Jones and Carson are filling out my RB1 and 2 nicely, while WR continues to look shaky.

He asked if there was any possibility of getting a deal done, this is his roster:

Record after this week : 4-2

QB: Brady, Rivers
RB: Ingram, Mixon, Gio, Ronald Jones, Thompson
WR: Hopkins, Lockette, Theilen, Westbrook, Audin Tate
TE: Kittle, Olsen
IR: AJ Green

Barkley+WR (Woods, Hollywood, or Kirk) for Hopkins+Lockette/Thielen?

Any ideas boys?

You shouldn’t be letting Barkley go for anything less than a top 5 WR, so Nuk is a good start, but I’d prefer to get another RB back in return. Unless we’re proven otherwise tonight, Jones will again be splitting carries with Jamaal Williams back. I think I’d rather sell high on Jones and package him instead to upgrade your WRs.

Barkley/Carson + WR1 would better suit your team

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Appreciate the response bud, been struggling to get advice on here lately.

Yeah I don’t disagree that Barkley is still worth a kings ransom despite being hurt, just don’t know if my weakness at WR is going to kill my season.

Based on his roster I don’t think there’s a move that I would like to make, as unlike you I have much more confidence that Jones can maintain the RB1 status he holds. Packers passing looks shaky all year and I think they are going to rely on running and defense.

For now I guess I’ll just sit tight, see if any of my WRs can breakout and if not, wait till Barkley officially returns to trade jones or Carson