Trade Barkley?

12 team standard
I’m 1-5
Trade Barkley for Michael Thomas and josh Jones?
I have Carson and Coleman at RB
Locket and Woods at WRs… need wins!

Also being offered Watson/Julio Jones/Singletary

Josh Jacobs? If so I wouldn’t

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Barkley is supposed to be back. Why trade him after holding through injuries. Stay patient because wins are coming.

Do you have more depth? I would try to move Coleman and Woods for a WR2…assuming you have another RB behind coleman

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Thanks! Don’t have much RB depth or any depth really. I have James White and Chris Thompson. But that would give me a good WR2 and I would still have Barkley and Carson.

Yeah josh Jones. Do you not likes his value? Michael Thomas? Not worth enough?

I’m not sure who Josh Jones is lol. The RB for the Raiders is Josh Jacobs. That isn’t enough for Barkley IMO

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Jeez I dont know why I keep saying Josh Jones… yes Josh Jacobs haha. Thanks for your input!