Trade base of My Brees for his Dalvin. Help balance this deal?

Hey all – So I’ve got both Mahomes and Brees on my team, and I’m chatting with a QB needy owner. Could you possibly help to figure out a balanced trade that could help me shore up an RB slot and help him get his QB? We’ve gone back and forth a bit so far; I first offered Brees and Corey Clement for Dalvin and DeVante Parker. He then came back and said Brees/Fournette for Dalvin and my choice of Baldwin/Ridley/Godwin, which I declined. I then said sub in Breida for Fournette in that deal, and also said Brees for Dalvin straight up, and he declined both, saying for the Brees deal that he can’t take that hit at RB, which I understand, but I told him I can’t give up Fournette in this deal, which I think he understands. So, at this point, where would you try to balance a deal out?

Here’s my team:
QB: Mahomes
RB: Fournette (when healthy)
RB: Ajayi (when healthy)
WR: Odell
WR: Larry Fitz
TE: Trey Burton
W/R/T: Mike Williams
DEF: Green Bay
K: Tucker
BN: Breida
BN: Corey Clement
BN: Antonio Callaway
BN: Keelan Cole
BN: Josh Gordon
BN: Drew Brees

and here’s his team:
QB: Kirk Cousins
RB: Melvin Gordon
RB: Dalvin Cook
WR: Brandin Cooks
WR: Amari Cooper
TE: Kyle Rudolph
W/R/T: Calvin Ridley
K: Robbie Gould
DEF: Seattle
BN: Andrew Luck
BN: Philip Lindsay
BN: Derrick Henry
BN: Chris Godwin
BN: Devante Parker
BN: Doug Baldwin

I should add that this team is 1-2, and I think i’d like to try to spruce things up with a move this week.

I don’t see the deal getting done to be honest. he needs brees more than you need any of his players. So Cook’s value > Brees but his real issue isn’t even QB it’s WR.

The closest i can come is Brees+Fitz for Cook but idk man i’d rather just have your roster as is.

You don’t think Cook would shore up RB2 really well for me? I’m feeling a little nervous right now about both my RB2 and WR2 slots…

It’s not that cook won’t help it’s what will you have to give up to get cook. And that’s a top 3 QB and a solid WR. I mean in all honesty your starters on paper are awesome but there’s not a lot of bench to play with. I agree you need to sell brees but idk I feel like you’re just gonna have to give up too much for cook versus if you shopped brees elsewhere. but QB trades are always hard.

I do see a need for you to upgrade RBs, but if I was him I would be trying to upgrade WRs and keep rolling with Cousins… Unless it was a 2 QB league

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You’re right there. Been trying to deal Brees since we saw how awesome Mahomes is. Making some headway here, we’ll see I guess.

Wow. Another trade that I sent out this morning with Brees involved just got accepted instead of this one. Me giving Brees and Keelan Cole for Davante Adams. That changes things.