Trade Bears D for Sammy Watkins?

Half Point PPR.

My Top WR are Tyreek Hill and John Brown, who have been decent, but not game breakers. After that its Josh Gordon and Keelan Cole. I also have Gronk at TE, who has not put up the numbers I expected.

Normally I would have no issues with trading a D/ST, but the Bears have been pretty special so far. Is it worth trading them away for another WR2?

Keep the Bears D, they’re a weekly start and look mean. I stayed them on my bench this week as I couldn’t risk losing them on the wire. From now on they’re also past the bye week. If you did want to shop them, I’d be looking for a lot more than Sammy Fn Watkins


I agree the Bears defense is a rare difference maker at the position, but defenses can be volatile historically throughout different parts of the season. I have faith in the bears defense, but if you can get a legit weekly starter for them, I am doing that all day every day. I would probably try and get someone slightly more dependable then Watkins though. Could be a tough sell.

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I’d Keep bears. They’re past their bye and an every week start. those are rare when it comes to DST