Trade: Beckham, Collins, Robinson for Elliot, Edelman, Nelson OFFER UPDATED! Input please

12 Team PPR
Roster Max: 2qb 3rb 3wr 2te 2k 2d
Start: 1qb 2rb 2wr 1te k d

My RB situation is not good. The future looks a little brighter after I dropped Jamaal Williams and picked up Ingram on waivers Wed night for $40. Someone dropped him for TJ Yeldon b/c of injuries to their Fournette&Freeman

My Roster
QB Fitz, Wilson
RB Collins, White, Ingram (replaced J Williams)
WR Thomas, Beckham, Robinson
TE Howard, Smith
K Bailey, Crosby
D Balt, Wash

Beckham, Robinson, Collins for Elliot, Edelman, Nelson.

Waiver Wire WRs:
If I accept, I would drop Nelson & maybe Edelman for guys on the WW.
Cupp, Woods, Fuller, Locket, Cole, Brown, Allison, Davis are available.

Waiver Wire RBs:
Withdraw trade and consider an RB to stream or keep?
Bernard, Miller, Clement, Michel, Lynch, Barber, McCoy are available.

If you actually read all this, I thank you.

I would probably decline just because I think Ingram will be great once he returns, rb1 for sure. And I dont like the two receivers he added, seems like just filler.

It is filler to match roster spots. It’s basically Beckham, Robinson, Collins for Elliot.

I just changed the offer to Beckham+Collins for Elliot+Nelson and he accepted via text message. He sent me an official trade offer on CBS and it’s waiting for my approval.

Again, I don’t care about Nelson. He’s there just for the position for position swap.

Collins & White. Bench: Ingram
Thomas & Beckham. Bench: Robinson

AFTER (and after Ingram’s suspension is over)
Elliot & Ingram. Bench: White
Thomas & Robinson. Bench: Waiver pickup Cupp, Woods, Fuller, Locket, Cole, Brown, Allison, Davis