Trade before Sunday

I have a trade offer of:
Nyhem Heines
Kareem Hunt
Latavius Murray
Keenan Allen

I will still have Lockett, Hopkins and Swift for WR
I am light at RB with Henderson Jr and A.Dillon
Also have Barkley benched

Is this worth it

Do you mean Swift at RB? I’m confused. Anyways, I like the Keenan side better especially if you have question marks as your 3rd WR.

Sorry, Davonta Swift at WR. I am
WR heavy so losing Keenan Allen wouldn’t be bad if the RB combo I’m getting is solid

Not two Swift…

Swift is an RB…
You definitely need more value if your even considering letting go of Keenan Allen. Cause your your not as stacked as you assume at WR. Definitely should be asking for more of a Joe Mixon type RB of your gonna trade away Allen, cause Herbert is a beast…

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Standard format I don’t hate the trade, as Lockett is more valuable than Keenan IMO just because he’ll likely get more TDs.

Half and full PPR I’d rather trade Lockett away if you want the RBs but given the format you’re better keeping the three high end WRs and with Barkley and Henderson you’ll be fine.

See if you can just get Hines for either Murray or Dillion as he’ll be more useful week to week. But only if you okay half or full PPR otherwise juts stick with what you have.

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Wow I must have been tired! I have DaVonta Smith. I’ll look at a stronger RB for that trade! Thanks for the help!!!