Trade: Bell and AJ Green for Julio?

The Lev Bell owner is trying to move him and he’s a huge Falcon’s fan. Should I downgrade from Julio to AJ Green and take a chance bell comes back? Full PPR and 0.3 per carry.

Team now:
R Wilson
M Gordon, R Freeman, P Barber, K Johnson, J WIlkins, R Burkhead, M Breida
J Jones, S Diggs, C Kupp, K Cole, C Davis
R Gronk

Julio would be a big downgrade to Green. Plus Bell might be out till week 10. If Bell comes back this week then it would be a fair trade since Bell would probbly see 400 Plus Touches. Although its unlikely he will come nack until he has too. Since its full PPR then i would have to stick with Julio Jones, to valuble.


I don’t think it’s a HUGE downgrade, I think AJ green is a stud but it’s definitely a downgrade.

Are you insane? If Bell comes back this week, this would be the steal of the century. Even if he comes back week 10, this trade is still fair.

Dude, take this trade and run. This is the biggest overeaction to Conner i’ve ever seen. Take this trade and run.

I disagree, If he come back week 10 after all this, i dont think he will be used as much as everyone thinks

Your statement of thinking that the trade would be “fair” if he returns this week, is absolutely absurd. Even if your right and they give conner more of a role, let’s say they only give bell like 65% of the workload instead of the 90% he usually gets, which is HIGHLY unlikely, he’s still easily a mid to high RB1, maybe just not the RB1. You wouldn’t give Julio for AJ Green and a mid tier RB1?

That’s just insane.

I guess thats a fair point