Trade Bell & Drake for DJ?

I’m 1-2 and have Bell and Drake. Are they worth DJ?

What’s your full team look like and what is your scoring system?

Full PPR. As of now my roster:
Big Ben

K Johnson
Mike williams

I don’t think I would just yet even though you need RB help. You’re just selling both those guys at their lowest points possible. And DJ is nearly as risky as holding onto Bell.

What other top tier rb would be better to target? Saquon, Gordon?

I would def take both of those guys and give up Bell/Drake for them. If I had your team, though, I’d probably wait a week or two to see if anything happens with Bell and also see how Ingram does coming back from suspension. You might actually start K Johnson over Drake, but not necessarily as NE defense sucks. They are good in the red zone though so might not get TD’s out of Drake (per usual…). K Johnson riskier since he’s a young’n but coming off that big game last week and against GB’s week defense, I’m personally be willing to take that chance.

I just feel like johnson’s upside is capped with blount getting a decent amount of touches every game, even if johnson is superior the lions keep feeding blount, so aggrivating. I might consider throwing ingram in some trades since his schedule is tough when he comes back. Not really sure what to do at this point but I appreciate your advice! and will definitely take it into consideration.