Trade Bell for Hopkins?

RBs: Bell, DJ, Carson, Fournette, Sanders, Ronald Jones and Coleman
WRs: Thomas, Juju, Jeffery, Hollywood and Marvin jones
0.5 ppr - 10 man league

Bump. Need help.

How many first round picks did you have?!?! Your starters are pretty legit. You’re deeper at RB than WR; that is a fair trade.


I would trade Bell if you’re receiving Hopkins. Bell’s ceiling is somewhat capped by one of the worst offensive lines in the league. Hopkins ceiling is incredible. You should note though that both players are near the bottom in their potential trade value so now is a great time to scoop up hopkins

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I made some great trades after week 1 and 2. That’s why my team looks stacked.

Thanks for the comments. Im stil not sure. You don’t think the Jets will be better with Darnold back?

Absolutely they will be better. Will they only take a RB1? Or would they consider JuJu and like Fournette for Hopkins and a low RB 2?

Yeah I think he’s only interested in Bell or DJ…

Season long, your team would be nuts with D-Hop. I personally would move David Johnson.

Yes yes yes you’re depth at RB is huge and you need another top WR

Also agree you should trade DJ over bell but get Hopkins

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Why Bell over DJ?

Bell already had his bye and has had like 20 carries plus 10 targets pr game. DJ had 11 carries the last two games…

Bell is just getting more volume in my opinion; he’s had 17/21/18 carries and 9/10/4 targets. DJ has had 18/7/11/11 carries and 6/1/6/8. You are splitting hairs with RB1’s but I think JETS defense is much better than cardinals defense and cardinals will almost always be plying from behind which means less carries for DJ.

Sorry - why DJ over Bell?

You also answered your own question with a great point. bell already had his Bye. I’d keep him and trade Johnson.

My only worry is that Carson at some point soon fumbles again and they go to Penny. If I trade Bell or DJ and Carson is more of a FLEX then I’m low on RB studs…

Format btw is 0.5 ppr

Hey man, your team is stacked as it stands. If you don’t want to trade them then just hold tight. That’s also an option lol.

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Yeah I know - fantasy is a gamble. I love Hopkins ROS and as a Texans fan it would be nice to have him. But I know how quickly RBs can drop. Just wanted the opinion of the footclan​:+1::heart: Thanks!

Let’s us know your decision when you pull the trigger