Trade Bell For Kittle

Looking to trade Bell (I have Jacobs and Mixon) ultimately to upgrade WR. Not getting much traction, except for Barkley owner, who is willing to give up Kittle. I have Jonnu Smith and Mike Giseki. My thought is I trade for Kittle then try To flip him by pairing him with a WR to upgrade my WR. My WR are Amari Cooper, Keenan, and Terry McLauren. 1/2 point PPR.

If you can trade Bell to get Kittle do that immediately


I 2nd that motion.

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I pulled the trigger. Done. Thoughts on flipping Kittle for Hopkins? I do have Jonnu and Giseki.

Go get your self a top wr with kittle. Who knows how his injuries are going to effect the year. With the saftey of your TE it seams like home run.