Trade Bell for Mixon?

I’ve started off 0-2. The more I look into the Le’Veon holdout, the more I believe he won’t be back until week 11, at which point I could be completely out of the playoff race. I think a straight swap for Mixon, even though he’s recovering from an injury, would be better for my chances in the short-term. He’s looked good through his first two weeks… with top-10 RB potential

I’m in a similar situation and I don’t hate that trade. As long as the other owner has the depth to hold on to Bell until he comes back, he might go for it, but you may need to throw something in to sweeten it a bit

Tried that. Mixon owner declined.

I guess the catch here would be that the Mixon owner also has Conner. May make it easier for him to part with Mixon.

Same with the Mixon owner in the league :stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch…well I guess it’s worth a shot.