Trade Bell for Thielen? PPR


I am currently 2-2 and in a PPR Superflex league. Current RBs are Bell, Yeldon, Lindsay, Bernard, Crowell and Coleman. WRs are Adams, Kupp, Golladay, Fitzgerald, and Callaway.

I’ve been offered Thielen straight up for Bell. This was a discussion that started last week but couldnt materialize since Thielen had a Thursday night game. Then the news that Bell has given a return date was announced this week. Up until last week, I would have done Bell straight up for Thielen. Now, I’m not so sure and think I should hold him, or at least ask for more.

I should say I intend to get aggressive and seek a RB after the trade too.

I personally would hold. You have a sold WR group already and your RBs seem thin. Bell will more than likely pick up his old role when he returns so all you have to do is survive until then.

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I agree totally! You are 2 -2 I would wait if you get rid of bell you are screwed at rb. Knowing bell is coming back I would try to deal him for 2 quality startes

Much appreciated to you both! I’d love to wrangle Ingram from him but I have a feeling it’s going to be tough to do so.