Trade Bell+Fournette for Saquon Barkley? PLZ HELP!

Bell owner (I have Conner too) I’m not liking the stuff i’m reading about Bell and i’m getting scared he wont play this season at all (Or if does play he won’t try very hard)… I kinda wanna jump ship and get out while Bell still holds some value…

At the same time i’m not happy with Fournette… I’m thinking about offering the Saquon owner Bell+Fournette for Barkley…

Half Point PPR
My RBs = Fournette, Bell, Conner, Ingram, Michel, A.Jones, Lindsay,

What do you think… I feel like its a solid offer and gets me out of a pinch with 2 RBs that cause a lot of Head aches…

I’d bet everything I have that Bell will play this season. He HAS TOO if he wan’t to be able to get good money in free agency. Your RBs are stacked man. You also have James Conner so don’t even worry about it. If/When Bell comes back he’s going to be good if not great, and Fournette is just dealing with a little hami pull. He’s not the most durable but when he is in then he’s a beast. Idk what your record is but as long as you’re not 0-3 then I’d just chill for now.

…I’ve also got bell too, but no James conner

Im 0-3 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

:sob: :sob: :sob:

AND I SAT KUPP LAST NIGHT :sob: :sob: :sob:

Damn man. Thats some BS.You may want to make a move but I’m not sure thats the right one. You’d be giving up 2 potential top 10 RBs for 1 top 10 RBs. Tough call

I’m 2-1 in the league I have Bell but my RBs are Kerryon, Howard, Alf. Howard goes on BYE next week so maybe this is the time to start dealing him? We are all in this together guys! I just don’t know what his value is now or want it to come back and bite me later…

I just want out… I have a guy feeling he waits till week 10 and that doesnt help me now… I need wins now and Saquon can help me till week 10 while bell just sits there and I miss the playoffs

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Glad I’m not the only one on Kupp, I swear literally everyone was saying it was going to be a quiet game for him.

I’d be tempted to take that deal at 0-3, Barkley is set it and forget it, Fournette is sure to miss another 3-4 games this season and unless Bell gets traded in the next few weeks (which is a tall order) I don’t see why the Steelers are going to lean on him hard unless Conner gets injured.

Agreed. it’s tough to value bell when you have absolutely no timeline for his return. You’ve basically have to find he most optimistic person in you league and see what you can get. or trade him to the best team thats like 3-0 and about to be 4-0

see if you can package bell and someone else. not Fournette/maybe Ingram.

The way that N.O. offence is scoring with zero run game though Im not sure i wanna trade Ingram