Trade bell now?

10 team standard
Looking to possibly trade bell for aj green and r. Freeman. I just curious if that would be selling him too low? The team I’m selling to is 0-4 now and is trying hard to make a move on my Ingram but im pretty high on him and the most recent trade offer I got was kupp and d. Freeman for Ingram.

My RBS are
Ingram, breida, conner, bell

Wr are
Thomas, boyd, j. Brown, cooper

That’s not an easy decision. AJ green would be an upgrade. Royce is a solid flex/RB2 that has looked good this year. It really comes down to your record in this league. If you have a winning record, I’d hold onto bell. If you have a losing one, i might take the trade. Maybe see if you can get an RB in a slightly better scenario than royce?

Yeah that’s kinda where I’m at. I’m 3-1 right now. Would you trade away Conner or hold him since he’s bells handcuff? Since I feel like I can get good value out of him right now for a guy who possibly only has 2 weeks left to play and hadn’t been really producing huge numbers