Trade Boston Scott to for Devante Parker?

1/2 PPR and I need more depth at WR. Looking to capitalize on the Miles Sanders news. Good trade?

It’s a robbery in my opinion. You’ve got a guy that has some value in any kind of ppr format but enhanced for a week or two and the offer is a potential WR1. Take it and don’t ever look back

Take this trade before the person that offered it comes to their senses and backs out!!!

If you can get that trade, then drop latavius and mile williams for handcuff RB’s for zeke and conner

I’m concerned with the hamstring injury for DeVante Parker. Injuries are partially responsible for Parker’s lack of production in his first 4 years. Hopefully this is minor and/or he’s over it.

For me this is not the slam dunk deal it may appear to be.

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got destroyed in 2 leagues from the hammy issue, thanks Parker.