Trade Boyd and Burton for Kelce and Watson?

Hey guys,

I’m in second place in my half ppr 2 wr, 2 rb, 1 flex 12-team league. I’ve currently got Fitzmagic as my QB, but don’t want to play him weeks 15 and 16 because he has really tough matchups, so I need to upgrade my QB situation.

I’ve currently got Antonio Brown, Tyler Boyd, Golden Tate, and Tyler Lockette as my WRs. My TEs are Njoku and Burton.

I feel like I’m getting the best player in this trade in Kelce, but am so hesitant about the WR depth taking a hit with Boyd gone.

I’m also trying to get Cam from someone else for Tate and Burton. Should I make either trade or stand pat?


I’d support the Boyd and Burton trade assuming you’re pretty much locked into a playoff spot and there aren’t really, really good streaming options available somehow. You get by far the best player, Kelce, a massive upgrade, and Watson is likely a massive upgrade over Fitz. At the very least, you’ll know Watson is gonna be the starter all the way through. I’d pull the trigger there.

Yeah its tough to see Boyd go but as the other guy said in your league you can probably snag an emerging WR off waivers for depth later on. Keep in mind, KC hasn’t had a bye yet (week 12), but I would still go for it knowing you have to account for that.