Trade Boyd for MCCOY?

I feel stacked at WR but lack RB depth, I Have
I have at WR
Should I pull the trigger on McCoy??

Need adviceeee

Stacked at WR? I would argue Boyd is your best receiver. Why trade him away for any rb you don’t need. You have rb depth behind kamara and hunt. Offer him something else

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Yeah… Robinson I’d move for him. Honestly, only reason you target McCoy is the chance Eagles trade for him, And that isn’t worth Boyd. If Arob can get him, that’s what I’d do

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I’m trying to get Adam Jones for Allen Rob, But Clement and Smallwood are on waivers, so do I take a shot on of them?

Sure drop 30 on Clemente for fun. And trade Allen rob for jones

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If you get Jones do you need another RB?

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No but also got Mack sitting on my bench being the biggest sack of poop ever , Gonna drop him for Clement and throw 30 on clement and 10 on Smallwood in case someone gets clement I still get a RB2 with upside of becoming 1

But if this trade goes through tonight with rob for Jones, I’ll probably pick up NJoku just to see how he does, I have Gronk also